Bible based faith confers dominion,faith is believing in God and believing in evidence of things not seen,I trust the author of my faith…


The king of Glory

The king of glory.
Psalm 24:7-10
God is the king of glory.
Glory is in levels just has kingship is in level even president of nations are in levels.
The level of the king determines the level that he radiates.
Matthew 9:29
I kings 10:21-27
Matthew 12:42
There is no glory without a king..
Glory is the full weight of God’s blessing.
How can I enter into God’s glory.
1)you must maximize the remaining hours,how do you maximize the remaining hours is to be thankful unto God.
Acts 3:6-8
Psalm 24:3-7


You don’t sleep,when you know the God you are serving and the battles he is fighting for you.i am 27years and I need to hammer,i waited patiently at 5years old then the devil struck,confusion appeared in my Brian.i stole, smoked,drank,fornicated or prostituted and masturbated called myself different names,i went to the psychiatrist watch and pray..for the disciples slept as Jesus cried and pray…..for those who don’t believe in God retrace your step….